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One question I get asked a lot about what flooring shoud I choose. It really is such an important decision because it can be a big investment when you go live with for many years not forever and it’s the foundation of your design. So it not only has to work with your style but be functional for your lifestyle. 

We are gonna walk you through decision making process share experience and thoughts on each one in the hopes that it’ll help you decide what works best for you. Here let us look at flooring options for the new house. The major decision like flooring we always recommend seeing it in person first we think it’s really different in photos online.

Hardwood – In a perfect world we don’t think you can really meet the look of hardwood. It’s so classic in inviting can warm up any space and it’ll go with any decorating style but there are some negatives. Real hard woods are not a viable option the buckle and warp the humidity and fights to avoid them all together can drive crime if they’re great but they can also be really pricey and they usually require some maintenance. 

Engineered Wood – There’s alternatives out there that give a real letter run for its money the closest alternative to real what is engineered wood which is then layer of real wood on top of the composite We have used engineered hardwood in the past and they look beautiful once installed you can find the cheaper stuff for under Rs 240 a square but but a lot of the better ones there is a 350 to 450 square foot range which makes it a great option for many homeowners who want a higher quality flooring with a wider range of styles and price points, but they still can’t be exposed to a lot of moisture so they’re not ideal for every. its Favorite materials to work for designers with because there’s an unlimited number of styles colors and patterns you can get creative with the always be my top choice for faster but there are a couple of drawbacks to using it throughout your entire home first of all the materials and labor involved for the insult can make the total price goes way up even if you use a budget friendly tile. I also have a more specific left and won’t necessarily transition well if you change your style or even color palette overtime you can also look and feel cold and it doesn’t bring a warmth to a room like what can usually requires more maintenance like having the cleaner repaying your route you have to worry about cracks and chips also more permanent choice and removing it can be a pain. 


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