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Broadloom Carpets


Carpet floorings adds life and personality to your home, but not all carpets are created equal they can vary in texture appearance price and feel and knowing the difference between them is to picking the style that best fits your needs and your budget. Carpets can vary greatly in their design and their construction makes them suitable for different spaces, Cut pile is one of the most popular forms featuring dense fibers that hold up in wll in high traffic areas, Nylon carpets are luxurious cut Loop carpet in works well in an informal areas and loopile carpets are always popular as their thick Yarns offer exceptional durability and disguise vacuum marks.

The type of carpet you choose will decide what kind of cushioning underpad Lies Beneath you cut pile and cut Loop carpet in use thick cushioning the berber and thin Loop varieties require a thinner foundation. In addition. The fiber your carpet is made from will affect how well it performs polyester carpeting resist stains and comes in a variety of colours while cotton offers a soft touch at the risk of easy staining and will delivers hardness and durability, but for a price

Carpet comes in almost as many colours as you can imagine and your choice in colour will help shape the feeling you get when you enter a room warm light colours can create an exciting welcoming image for a space while medium dark and multicolored  cools a room down and hide dirt and other stains more easily.

Don't forget to check how a color will look under your home's lighting before you make a selection. So, you know what you're buying is what you want be on colour. You can also choose the shape of your carpeting, Boradloom carpets usually comes in large seamless rolls  offer a floor of a variety of potential appearances and are typically simple to install and replace with so many options. To select  a carpet can be trickier than it seems that's why the professional carpet dealers at Essalar Buildware are always available to help you pick the right carpet for the right space with this guide. You should be able to get started choosing the carpet that works for you for questions. Remember our job is to put the perfect flooring under your feet

Broadloom carpet flooring mainly comes in roll format the roll with ranges between 2 metres to 4 metres roll carpets can be used in offices ,hotels hospitality industry, Institutions ,home theatres, auditoriums.

The looppile carpets are basically used in Institutions, auditorium. The cut pile carpets mainly used in home theatres of five star hotels luxury homes.

Below are the Advantage and Benefits of Broadloom Carpets

  1. Wall to Wall coverage- The Carpets are significantly bigger a roll covers about 1300 sqft and its 4meter in width. For example a room size of 12' x 12' can be installed with just single piece.
  2. Price- Carpet Rolls are significantly cost less than Carpet Tiles.
  3. Colour Options- Carpet Rolls have large number of options.
  4. Premium Luxury Range  - Only Rolls carpets offer premium Cut pile Carpets with I-sense nylons. These are installed in luxury hotels and Palaces.


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