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We have huge range of deck collection. our range of deck products includes. WPC Decking, IPE Decking, Deck Tiles,Cement floor deck, Customised Canadian wood deck tiles

A Comparison in different types of decks with Advantages and disadvantages.

S.No Description  WPC IPE Wood  Teak deck Tile  Canadian wood  Cement deck floor 
1 Cost  The economical once Among all  Expensive  The most expensive one among all decks.  Affordable  Moderately priced 
2 Maintenance  No Maintenance  Oiling is required  Regular polishing is required  Oiling is required  Paint once in every 2 years 
3 Durablity  Since its composite material does not comes with any warranty  Highly durable if maintained well  Durable  Durable, but not recommend in commercial areas where foot fall is heavy  Long lasting 
4 Colour Options  Multiple colours  Single colour  Single colour  Multiple wood specious colour  any colour can be applied on the top 
5 Installation  WPC Joist or aluminium at based clipped with the female groves/ Click N lock for tile type   Direct Screwing with the aluminium base or grooves to be made / Click and lock for tile type Click and lock type  Manuel construction type  Aluminium base wth direct screwing 


WPC Wood Composite decking is a great alternative to traditional Wood decking is eco-friendly and is low maintenance composite decking offers many benefits that Wood does not, WPC decking can be purchased in tiles, boards tiles are quick and easy to install and can be customised to make fun patterns and designs. WPC looks like traditional Wood for a classic look, they easy to install than traditional Wooden Decking, but are much easier to maintain

WPC is very durable and resistant to moisture and wont fade like traditional wood or does not required oiling or polish. You also will never have to stand or refinish your deck so you can enjoy your deck for longer time.

WPC is also easy to maintain and clean. All you need is a broom or water hose to get the job done composite decking. You can use indoors or Outdoors for patios decks or showers. It’s also great for people who are renting that tiles are easily installed and can be taken apart when it’s time to move. if you desire and easy to maintain and an easy to enjoy deck composite decking is the perfect solution.

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