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Sports Flooring



We have wide variety of sports floors. Our range includes

Sports Vinyl Outdoor and Indoor- These are 4.5mm thickness flooring mostly used in Batmition, vollyball and basket ball court. these bottom layer as a cushion and help ball rebouce. we have more than 12 colour options. The advantage of sports flooring area as follows.

  1. Price – The floors are priced much lower than wooden sports floors for price that starts from 120 per sqft when compared to wood from Rs 400 sqft.
  2. Installation – Quick to install, any sports surface can be installed in a days time.
  3. Colour options -You choose over lot of colour plan colours as well as wooden finish colours.
  4. Performance – These floors are designed as per sports objectives such as bounce rate, orthopaedic etc.
  5. Environmental comparisons -There are no emission unlike polish used wood.

Futsal Turf

We have 50 and 60mm Fifa approved Turf. we do turnkey installations with Infilling materials. Below are the advantage and reasons to choose a Football Turf.

  1. Water Saving  – There is not irrigation for Turfs hence its save you lot of cost especially area where water availability is a concern.
  2. Low Maintenance  cost –
  3. Playability performance – The professional of games usually prefer turf as the surfaces are consistence  irrespective of weather conditions or wear and tear of the turf
  4. Safety for Players – unlike natural which gets torn up after a rough match or a tournaments. this only requires to be infilled with Rubber granules.
  5. No pestisides – Pesticides or fertiliser is not required to treat this grass.
  6.  All weather surface – These turf can be used in all weather condition. weather its a sunny day or a rainy day the game can just go on.


Muti sports turf

Sports turf can be used for various games like cricket, hockey, used in gyms as tracks etc.


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