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Vinyl flooring is long-lasting and a great way to create wood look or stone look flooring in your home. Forget steaming waxing and polishing most vinyl is easy to maintain and clean without all the extra work. All you need is a damp mop and an occasional vacuum to keep vinyl floors looking fabulous. Let’s take a look at all the types of vinyl flooring. Vinyl plank are our most popular type of vinyl and that is because they are low-cost but also super durable. You can install vinyl planks three easy ways to lose interlocutor float and loosely. If you’re looking for a floor that is super permanent a glue down plank is the way to go. It’s super great for high traffic areas, and it won’t ever budge.

What are the most common ways to install vinyl flooring is interlocking or floating installation? These planks are made with an interlocking mechanism that snaps together easily just simply lock your floor together like boys, like if you were worried about replacing a plank a Loosely installation does not require glue Staples or any luck in system to install instead. Each blank has a vacuum that groups of you only have to use tape around the edges of your floor or glue if it’s high traffic. This makes replacing a blank agrees.

You probably have an exact image of how you want your floor to look lucky for you. There are several different patterns and styles to choose from. For example, I would look vinyl is very popular and comes in both smooth and distressed finishes. They’re also me color variations to match any interior Style. When it comes to plank sizes, do you got choices? Perhaps you’ve seen those 20 wide planks that have hit the market if you love The look we have it for you.

Tile flooring is versatile durable and perfect for any room vinyl tiles are even credible for a more finished don’t look stone look tiles me all of your favorite Natural Stone without the heavy price tag and labor-intensive maintenance of a natural stone floor of wood. Look vinyl is also very popular and can be bought smooth distress and with color variation unlike hardwood vinyl tiles never need to be refinished or stained. So you can enjoy your floors longer they can also be found in fun more colorful patterns for Unique Look.

Vinyl sheet flooring is the original vinyl flooring option. It’s what people usually remember when they think about vinyl flooring vinyl sheet flooring usually requires a professional to install and that is because vinyl sheet flooring requires a specific technique because of this I can be tricky to install yourself. Most people use vinyl sheet flooring when covering a large area since is less expensive than other types of flooring WPC vinyl is one of the newest developments and luxury vinyl flooring. It is 100% waterproof and kissing up to Big messes. WPC vinyl has some great features and make it perfect for busy household. Let’s take a look WPC stand for wood-plastic composite. This composite core makes the vinyl 100% waterproof.

Because it is totally waterproof. This luxury vinyl flooring could be installed virtually anywhere. X flashes build drinks are not a problem for WPC vinyl the waterproof vinyl will never buy course. Well under liquid spills WPC vinyl flooring is typically comprised of four layers to create a durable product first. There’s the backing later and that is the backbone of the flank seconds. The core. This part is wood-plastic composite and 100% waterproof. Third is the printed vinyl layer and this is where your style and design comes from it, Nick Woodstone and other natural materials and finally the wear layer this protects your floors from surface scratches. The thicker the wear layer is the better the protection is against scratches.

It’s perfect for messy pets and messy people like vinyl flooring is a great choice for a modern durable home flooring. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on our website the alive or give us a call would be happy to help.


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