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SPC Flooring FAQ

Q.What is SPC flooring and what is full form of SPC?

SPC refers to (Stone Polymer composite ) its a new generation click flooring with strong rigid core of calcium carbonate. 

What is difference between SPC flooring in WPC flooring?

To make it simple both are from same family. SPC has core layer of calcium carbonate and less PVC  where as WPC has more pf PVC and less of calcium carbonate. Because of more calcium carbonate SPC is waterproof and Rigid core is very strong. While looks and finishes are similar SPC is more affordable.

Q. What is the advantage of SPC floor?

The Biggest advantage of SPC floor is its 100% waterproof. other advantages includes its termite proof, easy to install, sound absorpation, no maintaince. 

Q. How do I maintain SPC flooring?

The is absolutly no maintaince for SPC flooring. Regular cleaning with a floor cleaner is suffient. The top layer is UV protected. 

Q. What is life span and  warrenty on SPC floors?

The SPC floor for residence will last about 20 years and the warranty offered is 15 years. and for commerical the life is about 10 years and comes with 5 year warranty.

Q. Can I install this top of the existing tiles or Marble?

Yes, you can install on the top of the any existing floor. 


Q. How To Prepare For Flooring Installation?

The Sub floor needs to be at Zero level. it is installed using click and lock system. 

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