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What is the difference between Laminate, Engineered and Solid wood flooring?


Solid wood flooring is a solid piece of natural wood cut out of a tree trunk complaint machine and send it into plants of Glory.

Engineered wood flooring is a combination of solid wood and Plywood together. the top layer of engineered wood flooring is a solid wood and it is more than 2mm is called Veneer. its also called as Veneer wood flooring engineered wood flooring sometimes the top and bottom layer with Multiple Composition like Pine and Spruce.

Laminate wood flooring uses to photographic image of wood on a decor paper added to a medium density fibreboard system.


Solid wood flooring has a very low resistance to Scratch resistance it can be scratched very easily so if you have pets in your home installing solid wood flooring is not recommended.

Engineered wood flooring relatively higher resistance to scratch compared to solid wood.

Laminate wood floor have very high resistance to do to protect you layer provided on the top. Pet owners love laminate floor for the scratch resistance resistance.


Solid wood floor have no resistance to moisture.

Engineered wood floors offer better resistance to moisture.

Laminate wood floors are moderately water resistant.


Solid wood flooring durability of lifetime or even more, durability also different type of wood used in the flooring.

Engineered wood floor have a life of 30 -40 years but it can last 50 years if proper care is taken.

Laminate flooring has life of 15 -20 years after that it has to be replaced.


Solid wood expands In hot climate and contract in cold climate does during changes subjected to changes in dimension.

Engineered wood flooring is dimensionally table and wraps relatively less.

Laminate wood flooring is dimensionally stable


Solid wood flooring installation is relatively complex

For Engineered flooring required moderate level of expertise.

Laminate flooring is easy to install and does not require a skilled person


Solid wood flooring can be repaired easily by sanding and staining several times during its use.

The top layer of engineered wood has natural wood and its be sanded once or twice during its life time.

Laminate wood if damaged the pieces of wood has to be replaced.

Specification  Solid wood  Engineered Wood  Laminate wood 
No of Layers  Single Layer  Dual Layer  Multilayer 
Thickness  18-24mm 12-15mm 8-12mm
Top layer  Naural wood  Wood Veneer  Melamine
Bottom layer  Naural wood  Pine or country
High density
Maintenance  Requires
No Maintaince  No Maintaince 
Cost  High  High   Low 

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