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Artificial Grass


Artificial grass or turf is rising in popularity and can be seen all over Turf you to use for a multitude of uses. But which one is appropriate for you? We offer five types of artificial grass.

  • Landscape
  • Pet friendly
  • Gym
  • Putting green
  • Playground landscape

All are UV resistant and perforated for proper drainage. That means it won't fade and it drains. Well that's yet it looks and feels like real grass but doesn't require the same amount of Maintenance tired of yard work. Try landscape turf.

Pet friendly Turf is perfect for the sensitive Paws of your Pets with soft and a higher drainage rate pet friendly Turf is a sanitary sterile environment for your cat to be stable and rated for outdoor. Use the turf is super easy to clean and contains no light or hazardous material that can harm your pet. Most gym Turf is for indoor and outdoor use it's made from a center more dense fiber and is easy to clean and maintain gym Turf comes with or without padding making it worse at all for just about any work out best yet. It's super shock absorbent items can slide over it easily ever thought about adding to her to your gym. Now's your chance are putting green is great for indoor and outdoor use it features spinner high-density fiber that allows golf ball to roll true. It actually looks and feels like natural fit graph. Don't dream about a golf course.

Play Don Trip is for high-traffic outdoor. Use with padding. Sea turtles are fall height rated for safety. So you don't have to worry about your little ones roughhousing on the playground. Turf typically features a higher face will be any more durable fiber is in standard landscape. Turn. Your kids will be safe at play in a little secret the higher the face weight the more dense and durable the trip will be.

You need a few things to install your new Turf, supplies include patting weave fabric, Staples, males seam tape or adhesive and Phil be sure to check the manufacturer instructions for a complete list to make sure your Turf looks its best. Now that you know, everything about Turf go out and start shopping save a maintenance free lawn is only a click away

The artificial turf come with a thickness of 10mm, 25mm, 35mm 40mm and 50mm.

Below are the Advantages and Benefits of Installing a Artificial Turf 

  1. Greenery- Artificial Turf comes with UV coating and its fade resistance through the year the colour is the same unlike natural grass that has varies.
  2. No Irrigation - There is no Irrigation required especially areas where water is concern.
  3. Pest Free - Once of the biggest problem with natural grass is because of pest and more likely these pesticides used in grass are harmful.
  4. Roof top installations - Urban cities use roof tops for gardens and its unlikely they can install Natural grass due to Maintenance.
  5. More realistic - Grass Mat are more realistic more than the natural grass due their sophisticated manufacturing process.
  6. No Maintenance - No Maintenance and not "Low Maintenance". Every one loves a product that requires no maintenance.


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