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Vinyl Tile



Vinyl Tile are one of the most popular vinyl flooring options on the market are versatile durable and perfect for any room in the house. If you’re looking for a quick Installation project. VCT is one of the best options and it  great for high traffic areas. For Residential and boutique flooring  options are traditional luxury vinyl tiles operation for Allure construction aware layer printed layer fill layer and a backing.

If you’re looking for the best of the best are waterproof vinyl tiles are the way to go not only are they a hundred percent waterproof, but they’re Manufactured with thicker and more stable than other vinyl tile. They’re typically four layers, you can install this child anywhere if you have messy cuz their pets don’t worry about the wear and tear of your floor. The wear layer is the first line of defense against scratches in stained. We suggest out thicker wear layer for high traffic areas. This will keep your floors in great shape Walker you can install vinyl tiles three easy ways glue, interlocking, floating and loose type. if you want to pour the super permanent glue down tiles are perfect for you. They’re great for high traffic areas and we’ll ever budge one of the most common installation methods is interlocking or floating these tiles are made with an interlocking mechanism that snap together easily simply lock your floor together piece-by-piece. Loose light installation does not require glue Staples or any Locking System to install instead. Each child has a vacuum that grips the floor.

Piece by piece is glued on the floor. This makes replacing a tile quick and easy. Let’s talk style. We have several different patterns and styles to choose from for example wood. Look vinyl is very popular and come get smooth or distressed finishes. Unlike hardwood wood. Look vinyl tiles never need to be refinished or stained. See you get to enjoy your floors longer stone look tiles in the call your favourite Natural Stone without the heavy price tag and maintenance of a natural stone floor. We also have different sizes to help the tile resemble a real Stone floor.

That’s it. Now. You’re ready to begin your vinyl tile shopping experience. Vinyl Tiles are basically categorised in two types Heterogeneous vinyl and homogeneous vinyl. its basically how the vinyl is constructed

Homogeneous vinyl tile

its a single layer for vinyl floors used especially for high traffic areas come mostly in single colour tone. it can handle high abrasion and would last for years.

Heterogeneous vinyl

Two layer vinyl floor used basically for design purposes. they get all kinds of stone designs, marble, ceramic etc. price little higher .

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