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Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass


Artificial turf are the current trend right now as it its maintenance free and comes with 5 years warranty. you have various thickness to choose from. it can create a replica of korean natural grass or lush green grass.

The artificial turf come with a thickness of 10mm, 25mm, 35mm 40mm and 50mm.

Below are the Advantages and Benefits of Installing a Artificial Turf 

  1. Greenery- Artificial Turf comes with UV coating and its fade resistance through the year the colour is the same unlike natural grass that has varies.
  2. No Irrigation - There is no Irrigation required especially areas where water is concern.
  3. Pest Free - Once of the biggest problem with natural grass is because of pest and more likely these pesticides used in grass are harmful.
  4. Roof top installations - Urban cities use roof tops for gardens and its unlikely they can install Natural grass due to Maintenance.
  5. More realistic - Grass Mat are more realistic more than the natural grass due their sophisticated manufacturing process.
  6. No Maintenance - No Maintenance and not "Low Maintenance". Every one loves a product that requires no maintenance.


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