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Q.What is artificial turf made of ?

 Artificial turf is made of Polyethylene. It has synthetic fibres.it is also called as plastic grass mat carpet.

Q.Where are the different types of artifical turf grass?

By categories there are of two types Landscaping turf , and Sports turf

Q.What is the turf used for football?

In sports turf there is type for football. These turf require in filling of Rubber granules and silica sand. the artifical football turf cost in india ranges from Rs 150-300 depending on the model.

Q.What is price range of artificial turf?

Its starts from Rs 90 to 150 per sqft.

Q.What is advantage of Artificial grass carpet over natural grass?

The main advantage of Artificial turf is its maintenance free. Its does not required irrigation and trimming of grass.

Q.hat is the size of these turf?

Size varies from 2 -4 meters



Q. How To Prepare For Flooring Installation?

Artficial Turf is very easy to install. Just like installing any carpet it can be installed.