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Broadloom Carpets


Broadloom carpet flooring mainly comes in roll format the roll with ranges between 2 metres to 4 metres roll carpets can be used in offices ,hotels hospitality industry, Institutions ,home theatres, auditoriums. By the carpet manufacturing process they are basically of two types, loop pile carpet and cut pile carpet. looppile economically priced and carpet cut Pile is slightly premium.

image of carpet flooring

The looppile carpets are basically used in Instutions, auditorium. The cut pile carpets mainly used in home theatres of five star hotels luxury homes.

image of two colour carpet

Below are the Advantage and Benefits of Broadloom Carpets

  1. Wall to Wall coverage- The Carpets are significantly bigger a roll covers about 1300 sqft and its 4meter in width. For example a room size of 12' x 12' can be installed with just single piece.
  2. Price- Carpet Rolls are significantly cost less than Carpet Tiles.
  3. Colour Options- Carpet Rolls have large number of options.
  4. Premium Luxury Range  - Only Rolls carpets offer premium Cut pile Carpets with I-sense nylons. These are installed in luxury hotels and Palaces.


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