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Q. What are the places carpet flooring is used?

Carpets are used in offices, Residences, Hotels and Places of worship. 

Q. How do I maintain my carpet?

You need to vaccum your carpet every day. if you traffic usage is heavy then you need to a Shampoo washing once in 6 months.

Q. What are the differanty types of carpets?

In terms of Manufacturing process in the  floor carpet segment there are three types mainly.

1.Jute carpets 


3. Cut Pile 

in Terms of Sizes there are two types 

1. Broadloom carpet also called as wall to wall carpet 

2. Carpets Tile ( Tiles carpet) 


Q. What is a carpet tile? 

Carpets tile is a type of carpet it comes in form tiles. its easy to install than a regular carpet. 



Q. How To Prepare For Flooring Installation?

Carpet are very easy to Install. infact is is one of the most easiest work. however depending upon your room size. you can decide wheather to choose an Installer or not.